in Hanoi

INTERMAX has been providing high-quality products with short lead times. With the 20 years of QA experience, we also have systemized the manual for quality issues and continue to update it to prevent all the possible problems in the process. INTERMAX’s strongest points are its best system in Asia to manufacture high-quality products, the ability to quote the most suitable and reasonable prices, and the capability to provide accurate lead times through our systemized internal network. Besides, through the use of functional fabrics and materials for hunting, motorcycle and ski wear, we can specialize in the manufacture of all outdoor apparel.


in Bac Giang

In 2015, INTERMAX celebrated the construction of its second factory. With the foundation of the current cutting-edge technology in the manufacture of fashion apparel items, INTERMAX will continue to communicate with more of our global partners.


Grounded in INTERMAX’s highly valued win-win spirit. We have been building a collaborative relationship with some Vietnam local factories and providing them with import/export service. Since we began garment production in Vietnam 1989, they steadily pursued CM business and direct export(FOB), even though it was too complicated for them to perform themselves due to lack of experience in importing raw materials and exporting finished goods. Therefore we support their import and export business. Furthermore. This service we offer does not only mean benefits to local factories but also provide competitive price for our buyers as we support them to have opportunities for direct business with local factories. INTERMAX have serviced same to the Korean textile production mills and will extend to the worldwide.


Based on our outstanding manufacturing experience, we’ve focused on Original Technology through obtaining patents for new materials and garment-making skills. Additionally, through concentrating on commercializing the technologies developed by global collaborative R&D and proto sample making, we are realizing ‘Pride in Making’, INTERMAX’s old spirit, which means to offer our customers the true value.

INTERMAX has been building a system which includes fabric sourcing, trend analysis, design development, sample planning and so on, far more than OEM. This strengthens our competitiveness. We regularly participate in various international exhibitions which make us closely observe the global market and mainly focus on ODM (Original Development Manufacturing) by updating global trends. INTERMAX has also established an advanced version-OTM (Original Technology Manufacturing)-by developing new materials and sewing technologies, and applying them to practice, apart from simple market trend research.

ARMAX is a launched brand in 2013 by the INTERMAX, which has been an OEM manufacturing partner of the European premium brands and United States’ outdoor ones, based on its own experience over 20 years. The compound word “ARMAX” is formed from the words “Ars”, the Latin word, represents artistry of premium brands, and “Max”, means Intermax, possesses its manufacturing technique for top outdoor garment and developmental know-how of various functional materials. Therefore, ARMAX develops new items with a trend, based on sewing technique and developmental know-how, qualified by INTERMAX’s global partners, moreover, hopes to be one of best global brands.


We set up R&D Center in Head office in Korea 2013 for Researching and developing of materials and sewing technology after we have been running TDR (Technical Development and Research Center) in Vietnam from 2006. The professional minority of staffs have worked C base (connection + collaboration) than R base (research) as normally the others did. We have created Loft Welding Down, which is patent. how to avoid down leaking or cold spot in down garment, and invented 30 Molding Garment System in advanced technology with overseas cooperation as I st invention in the world. We accelerate to improve how to apply new sewing method, and how to match new materials to apparel.