INTERMAX is always looking for this type of talent.

  • Someone who with passion, a will to learn and a goal to become a professional.
  • Someone who aims to be the best with the work that he does.
  • Someone who promotes teamwork and communication.
  • Someone who improves continuously and works toward his dreams.

Since its establishment in 1995, INTERMAX is one of the best global companies in the industry of apparel manufacturing. Including apparel, INTERMAX is a company who aims to distribute and provide valuable lifestyle products. INTERMAX’s most important value is its employees’ development, who seeks to create a company culture that consists of a concentrated group of elites while providing all the necessary resources for their development. With both the company’s and the staffs’ development side by side, we are currently in the middle of establishing a system to bring out independent business ideas through our employees’ capabilities. INTERMAX aims to be a company for the talented to develop both individually and together. Our talent looks forward to any challenge that comes our way.